Promoting innovative ideas in public education

27 October 2015

By Choi Suet Wah, Chinese Women Workers’ Network

DSC_1229mIL&FS is a private training centre funded by the Government of India and several other companies. Their work focuses on income/social security, education school and skills, and healthcare. The global business head, Pooja Gianchandani, and her colleagues received us and introduced their work to us. The most impressive point was that they developed a technology with an in-built computer, projector, touch-control function, and video camera in one machine called “K-Yan”. That is awesome and really marveled our group. Other than the hardware, they also develop the curriculum and e-training materials for formal education and skills training. K-Yan is used in 26000+ schools in the country and IL&FS provides TOT trainings to teachers. We also visited their training class and found that the K-Yan helps a lot in the classroom.

The vocational training in IL&FS is various and diverse. Their target is to skill 4 million people for jobs by 2022. They train people in welding, electronic wiring, sewing, healthcare, traditional handcraft design and sales, catering, retails and sales, hotel services, and hair and beauty services.

The students found the training in IL&FS useful because it is practical. Those trainings are fit to the needs of corporations. Some companies cooperate with the organisation through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, some companies are directly involved in the curriculum design, and some others receive graduates from the organisation. It is quite a good adaption for employment. We met a student who is studying in university for a degree and he comes to IL&FS for electronic wire training. He is planning to have his own shop after he practices for a few years in the industry after his graduation. The tuition fee is 350-400 USD which is less than half in other profit-making training centers. The tuition is reducing recently due to subsidies from the government.

The idea is good, the machine is excellent, and the people are working hard with passion. May be due to time limitation, it would be great if we could share more on education ideology with each other, especially while the public education is almost absent in the country, we cannot just focus on skills even though it is very important. Basic education is a fundamental element for social mobility. How to promote the innovative ideas they have already contributed to public education will be an important task for IL&FS.\

Here are some photos of the site visit taken by ASPBAE –

DSC_1229f  DSC_1229b  DSC_1229q  DSC_1229j  DSC_1229k  DSC_1229r  DSC_1229s  DSC_1229u  DSC_1229z  DSC_1229p


Promoting innovative ideas in public education

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