Dreams and changes

29 October 2015

By Irina Razilova, DVV international, Central Asia

Irina Razilova

The trip to India was “started” for me in Uzbekistan. There was only one day before departure to Delhi, when I read the announcement that Tashkent hosts exhibition of Chinmoy Kumar Ghose (Sri Chinmoy), Indian preacher, social activist, painter, and musician. Sometimes when we are in the midst of rush, trying to overtake the clock, suddenly appears the wish to stop, take a “boat of time” and float slowly downstream, admiring the picturesque beaches. I went to the exhibition. Before the long-awaited trip it looked very symbolic. I liked all the pictures, but two of them attracted my attention to them more than others. I was allowed to make photos of these pictures. One is called the “Dream”, and the other – “Change”.Women drivers

After arriving to India for the Asia Pacific Regional Workshop ‘Gender, Education, Skills and work’, and especially after visiting Azad Foundation, I suddenly realised that “Dream” and “Change” are beautiful and relevant words, which clearly illustrate the key theme of the workshop.  During a site visit on 27 October 2015, I met women who enrolled in Azad Foundation courses to become drivers. They now drive taxis with the motto – “Cabs for women by women”. I am inspired by their journey.

Dreams and changes

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